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Each customer may place an Order on the website by additing the desires quantity of Olive Boost in the Order Form and following the steps specified in it, providing all the necessary information to complete and submit the Order.

www.OliveBoost.com will be responsibility for the delivery only of the respective number of packages of Olive Boost from the registered order.

Each customer will be expected to provide true, complete and precise information in the order form in order to facilitate the smooth processing of the corresponding order.

By submitting the Order, the customer gives consent that a representative of www.OliveBoost.com can contact him/her in any possible way whenever necessary, in relation with the smooth processing of the corresponding Order.

The time for the delivery of your order may vary depending on your delivery address-
please contact us for an estimate of this time.

Orders received from Monday to Friday before 02:00 p.m. will be processed and shipped out on the same day. Orders received from Monday to Friday after 02:00 p.m., after working hours, on the weekend, as well as on any holidays, shall be processed and shipped out on the next working day.

Delivery price: We offer a FREE delivery service for all EU Countries.
For all other countries, please contact us, in order to get a confirmation on the delivery cost and the existence of possible restrictions.

It could be possible, that a representative of ours contacts you in order to clarify certain points about the delivery of your order.

We offer two possible ways of payment:
- cash on delivery

- credit/ debit cards

Cancellation and Return
Each client may cancel an order that has been already placed or confirmed. In case of cancellation, you need to notify us before 02:00 p.m. on the day of the Order, or if the Order was confirmed after 02:00 p.m., then you need to contact us before 12:00 p.m. on the next day!

If you decide to cancel your order after that time or at the time of the delivery, you will have to bear the expenses for the return.

Each client has the right to return Olive Boost within 14 days after receving it, provided that the commercial appearance of the product has been preserved, i.e. the package is not damaged or opened. If the condition above is met, you just need to inform us that you wish to return Olive Boost, as you will have to pay the expenses for the return of the product. Our team will verify whether or not the returned product corresponds to the requirements specified in the present General Conditions. If the returned product does not correspond to the requirements for undisturbed integrity, then we undertake to return the goods back to the client via courier at his/her own expense and without reimbursement of the amount of the client's purchase.

Your right to cancellation of goods will be automatically forfeited if you have unpacked the product, if you have disrupted the package, the label or the overall or partial commercial appearance of the commodity.

In pursuance of all conditions for return, we will reimburse the total amount of the Order to a bank account specified by the client, or to the bank card used for the payment of the Order, after deducting all corresponding transfer fee.

We secure your personal data
www.OliveBoost.com is under the management of Confidentiality Terms and Policy as specified hereunder. These terms are in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, and the EU legislation.

www.OliveBoost.com is responsible for the protection of your personal data. We collect such information only for the purposes of processing your order. Such data will be used only by the courier company for the delivery of your order. We will never share your personal data or any details of yours to any other company or third party.



The information published on the website www.OliveBoost.com is not replacement of a professional medical advice, a diagnosis or treatment. In case of seeking professional medical advice, please, contact a medical institution or a physician. www.OliveBoost.com will bear no responsibility for the possible applications and/ or the advises about the product by the consumer. If you are not sure about the application of OliveBoost, please consult your physician regarding the information about the product found at www.OliveBoost.com. Never neglect the professional medical advice.

The entire information published on the website www.OliveBoost.com is based on experience, research, statistics, observations and analyses. www.OliveBoost.com does not aim to give any medical advice. Before you start the consumption of OliveBoost, please, consult your General Practitioner or pharmacist. The information published on the website www.OliveBoost.com is provided for the purposes of showing the potential results you may achieve by drinking OliveBoost. There is no guarantee that you will receive the same results as described in this website. The results from drinking Olive Boost are individual for the different consumers and depend on their physical indicators, habits and health conditions. www.OliveBoost.com will not be held responsible for any actions of our clients, following the purchase of OliveBoost.

1. OliveBoost is not a medicinal product and should not be used as such in any way whatsoever. www.OliveBoost.com will bear no responsibility in case of use of Olive Boost as a medicinal product.

2. www.OliveBoost.com will bear no responsibility for any psychological or physical damages having occurred after the use of OliveBoost. Before use, it is mandatory that you consult a physician or a pharmacist in regards of the ways of admission of the product and the possible interactions with other prescribed medication that you are taking.

3. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under the age of 10 should NOT consumer Olive Boost.

4. The information contained in the website www.OliveBoost.com is of informative nature only and should not impact in any way whatsoever the choice and the way of admission of Olive Boost.

Applicable Law
Regarding any questions not settled by the present General Conditions, the provisions of the applicable European legislation will be applicable. Any disputes in regards with the use of the website or the services and resources provided in the website, which cannot be settled via negotiations and mutual agreement, will be referred for settlement to the competent European court.

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