Olive Boost
The Most Powerful
Antioxidant in the World

Wild Olive Leaf Extract!

18,000 times more antioxidants than
in the extra virgin olive oil.

The Most
in the World!
Wild Olive Leaf Extract!
18,000 times more antioxidants,
compared to the extra virgin olive oil.

Bottle of Olive Boost
Olive boost
The Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant in the World!
Wild Olive Leaf Extract!
Olive tree with text " The most powerful antioxidant in the world "
Оlive leaf with text " Lowers cholesterol levels "
Оlive leaf with olives and text " Supports the cardiovascular system "
A pile of olive leaves with text " Antimicrobial and antiviral activity "
А vial with Olive Boost with text " Regulates blood sugar "
А vial and a pipette with the olive leaf extract Olive Boost
А pipette and a drop of the olive leaf extract - Olive Boost
Тwo drops of the Olive Boost extract
Olive leaves forming the shape of a heart
Drawing of an old olive tree
Wild Trees
We use only the leaves from wild olive trees - a guarantee for their purity and extream content of polyphenols!
Icon consisting of olive leaves and two olives in the middle
Only Fresh Leaves
We use only fresh leaves, which have not undergone any other processing - they have kept everything that is valuable within them!
Olive leaves in the shape of a rising sun
Leaves Collected only Sringtime
We collect the leaves for Olive Boost only during the Spring - proven by our experience guarantee for the highest possible content of polyphenols!
Drawing of two water waves and title
Water Extract,
No Alcohol and Chemicals Used
Fully environmentally friendly technology, without the use of any alcohols or chemicals in the production of Olive Boost!
Drawing of an electric bulb with green houses and trees around it
Unique Technology and Know-How
Technology developed and refined in the last 10 years - a guarantee for the unique qualities of Olive Boost!
Drawing of a stack of four books
The Experience of Four Generations
The experience of four generations in olives growing and processing - Olive Boost - the best what we have been able to create till today!

Olive Boost - 30 ml

Wild Olive Leaf Extract
Enough for one month!
20 Drops per Day
Recommended daily dose and intake:

Take twice a day - 10 drops each time, diluted in water, juice, smoothie or any other drink of your choice. Prophylactic intake of the product has many health benefits in the long run. There are no restrictions on the duration of the intake.

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